Boris Ivanov

Boris Ivanov has spent the last 15 years on film sets. From big budget features to documentaries, from TV series to commercials Boris has done it all - starting with two people doc team to managing a crew of sixty, from arranging a shoot in Greenland to directing drama in his back yard. A child actor in his youth, Boris fell in love with the bright lights at a very young age. Winner of film festival awards, Boris has produced, directed, production managed and coordinated a variety of film projects. Always financially minded and in tune with the developing technologies Boris has been an asset to many productions. What sets Boris apart is his ability to combine a producer's mindset with a director's creative ambition. In the current financial turmoil Boris understands the importance of on-time and on-budget. Member of the Directors Guild of Canada Boris is not afraid to get his hands dirty and does not shy away from any challenge.